Trick-Or-Treat Tunes

Trick-Or-Treat Tunes
Trick-Or-Treat Tunes


Trick-Or-Treat Tunes

Happy Halloween from your favorite station!
Are you ready to play Trick-or-Treat Tunes with us?
Be listening each day for the Trick-or-Treat Tune of the day, and then text the word “trick” or “treat” to us at 618-993-140.

If you text in the correct word, you’re entered to win that day’s prize!
If you text the wrong word, your phone will self destruct in fifteen seconds…

Just kidding, if you text the wrong word, just try again tomorrow!

Trick-or-Treat Tunes will be playing from 10/13-10/29!

Contest rules apply!


Make sure to mark your calendars
and let any potential trick-or-treaters know about

with Black Diamond RV
at the Marion Mall parking lot
Friday, October 30th starting at 4PM! 

Trick-Or-Treat Tunes