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Vertically challenged and often told he acts like a child, Sparky brings you the Afternoon Spark weekdays on Alt 2K!

Seriously, he’s a child. Quoting SpongeBob is a part of his lifestyle.

A Southern Illinois native, Sparky wandered his way into a studio while attending Southeast Missouri State University, and discovered his passion for radio! When he’s not watching old SpongeBob episodes, Sparky enjoys quality time with his wife, baby girl, family, friends and taking spontaneous trips.

Brace yourselves … the afternoon annoyance is here.

Favorite Alt2K Artist: The Black Keys
Favorite non-Alt2k Artist: Metallica
Favorite app: (technology-wise, not appetizer-wise) Ancestry. I love nerding out on my family tree every now and then.
Favorite app: (okay tell me your favorite food app too) Spinach & artichoke dip!
Favorite TV Show: To live out my inner child? Spongebob. Adult-wise, The Office. I’m basic.
Favorite Movie: Inception
Favorite Cold Beverage: C-O-L-A Cola
Favorite Hot Beverage: Hot Chocolate
Favorite Pizza Topping: Jalapenos

You’re on a deserted island and you can only listen to ONE album. Which one ya pickin’?
The Black Keys – Brothers

Who would win in a fight? A grilled cheese sandwich or a taco?  Why? 
Taco, no doubt. Taco’s have so many possibilities that a grilled cheese would fall flat. Then it has an alter ego to switch between soft and hard shells?? PLEASE.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.
I was in a wheelchair as a kid with perthes disease. One of the most unique experiences of my life to put it simply.