Vertically challenged and often told he acts like a child, Sparky brings you the Afternoon Spark weekdays on Alt 2K!

    Seriously, he’s a child. Quoting Spongebob is a part of his lifestyle.

    A Southern Illinois native, Sparky wandered his way into a studio while attending Southeast Missouri State University, and discovered his passion for radio! When he’s not watching old Spongebob episodes, Sparky enjoys quality time with his wife, family and friends and taking spontaneous trips.

    Brace yourselves…the afternoon annoyance is here.

    Beyond the Voice:
    Favorite Alt 2K Artist: The Black Keys
    Favorite non-Alt 2K Artist: Metallica
    Favorite Actor/Actress: Leonardo Dicaprio/Emma Stone
    Favorite Movie: Anchorman. 60% of the time it works every time.
    Favorite Kool Aid Flavor: Let’s be honest – can you really NOT say grape?
    Favorite Junk Food: Sour Patch Kids. Because I’m a child.
    Favorite Legit Hope It’s Good for You Food: I’m a pasta fanatic, so I just hope those carbs support me in a positive way.
    Favorite Way to Annoy My Wife: Tell her I’m sitting when she calls me a liar. (It hasn’t changed through any phase of our relationship.)
    Favorite Way to Get Loose: Dance like an idiot while driving in traffic. People just stare because they’re impressed, right?