Love It or Leave it!

Every Monday, we share a NEW song with you to see what you think. Make sure to vote and let us know whether you’d like to hear more of this song, or if you’d rather it just … go away. (Don’t worry, voting is totally anonymous!) Here’s this week’s Love It or Leave It:

Leo the Kind is a Boston rapper, singer, and a multi-instrumentalist who made a splash last year when he released his first mixtape U.G.L.Y., and now he has a single. This song has a nice beat, a lot of horn backgrounds, and a nice hook. It has a unique blend of rock and funk. So, go ahead and judge it! What do you think of the new song from Leo the Kind? Do you love it or leave it?

Love It or Leave It

How do you feel about Ain’t Nobody Gon’ Judge by Leo the Kind?