Love It or Leave it!

Every Monday, we share a NEW song with you to see what you think. Make sure to vote and let us know whether you’d like to hear more of this song, or if you’d rather it just … go away. (Don’t worry, voting is totally anonymous!) Here’s this week’s Love It or Leave It:

Since forming back in 2016, the Australian indie-rock band Middle Kids has been busy, releasing 2 EPs and 1 album, and now their newest single has come out in late 2020. Like so many of the best alt songs, the lyrics tell the story of someone who feels separated from everyone around them, but the driving rock rhythm and sound of the song keep you dancing along even as you relate to the sadness behind the lyrics. Let us know how you feel about the newest song from Middle Kids. In other words, R U 4 It or R U against It?

Love It or Leave It

How do you like R U 4 Me? from Middle Kids?