Interview with Artist Melody Federer

Murph got to have a brief chat with the very talented Melody Federer on Mornings with Murph this week. She is a singer/songwriter, and actually has some ties to our area of the Midwest! Melody has traveled the world, from New York to Paris and Los Angeles to Nashville. Her writing credits include collaborations with such diverse artists as P!nk, Hilary Duff, Kelly Rowland, Jacob Whitesides, Michael Buble and Burt Bacharach. As that list suggests, her style is fluid and defies typical genre descriptions. Or, as Melody humbly put it, “I like to mix up the genres.”
Melody has been preparing for a follow-up to her 2017 album Where the Dogwoods Bloom, and is previewing that new album with it’s first single, “This Town”. Alt2k featured This Town” as our Love It or Leave It a few weeks ago, and the song had an overwhelmingly positive reaction. You can hear “This Town” in rotation on Alt2k 92.7. We look forward to hearing more of Melody’s work in the future, including her next single which she is really excited to share with everyone. Find out more about Melody’s work with artists like Burt Bacharach, her short list of songs you can check out to get a feel for her music, and the inspiration for “This Town” in Murph’s interview with her below, and check out a performance of “This Town” she was gracious enough to send us.