YOUR Essential Worker Shout-outs

When the rest of the world pauses, the essential workers keep going.
In this global pandemic, we need to stop and thank the workers out there that keep us healthy, safe, fed, and so much more.
While we are currently not doing on-air essential worker shoutouts, we have teamed up with Black Diamond, and Roadhouse to bring
Feeding the Frontline SI!
We have been delivering lunch as a thank you to essential workers all over Southern Illinois!
Want to nominate your essential business? Go here! Also, check out Feeding the Frontline SI on facebook!.

These are the essential worker shout-outs we have received over the past month!
Thank you for all you do!

Heather LeBlanc, nurse (Heather wanted to thank US for the support, so we want to thank her right back!)

All Staff at VCS and NFS at VA Hospital Marion (submitted by Cheryl Hope)

All staff at Chester Mental Health, Pinckneyville Correctional Center and Menard Correctional center and Three Springs Lodge (submitted by Brandi Rambeau)

RollNUp Employees in DuQuoin (submitted by Hollie Jean Morgan)

Kristie and Glen from Jonesboro IL, in healthcare

Amber Moore says, “Everyone at Ferrell Hospital!
My sister-in-law, Christie Willis, a gas station manager. My husband & the guys at Freebourn Electric. Kim Vaughn-Turner, Respiratory Therapists.”

Bobby Ellison says, “My wife Vicky Lynn Ellison is a Rn Bsn at both Pinckneyville Community Hospital and Marshall Browning Hospital.”

Alisha Ridgeway says, “William Ridgeway from Duquoin. He works for the railroad.”

Denni Pannell says, “My brother, Robert Twente is a truck driver.”

Anthony Pennington says, ” I manage the roll n up by the fair grounds in marion. So I would like y’all to give a shout out to all liquor store employees since all of us are considered essential!!!”

Joel Perry, plumber (submitted by Ashley Taylor)

“I would like to say a thank you to rides mass transit and all the transit companies that are still out there running and taking everybody where they need to go thank you everyone.”(submitted anonymously)

Great Big Shout out to all My Chamness Care workers from here to Anna n everywhere in between who make it happen everyday! (From your co-worker @ Sunshine 1 Christina Foster)

“…thank you to all ESSENTIAL workers and for the Seniors that are not able to have their graduations.” -Donna Thomas

“I would love to give a shout out to DSP’s from Our Directions and Pathway House! Those are people that work every day and night with individuals with developmental disabilities that have compromised health concerns and don’t have the ability to understand why we are having to stay in our houses. Not only do they work hard and risk their lives but have to give an explanation of why this is happening! They are our heroes!!!!” (submitted anonymously)

“My daughter Jessica Woolsey shes a CNA at the emergency room in Herrin hospital !!!” (submitted by Raenita Gunter)

My husband Shannon Rice and all his Co-workers at Jackson County Ambulance Service, My daughter Adrian Rapp and her co-workers at Rural King in Benton and my son-in-law John Rapp and his co-workers at Menards in Marion (submitted by Melissa Rice)

Debra Cobb says, “Thank you to my brother Paul Cobb for his long hours at Kroger to keep food on our tables.”

Robin Williamson says, “I’m new to southern Illinois and I work with OUR DIRECTIONS in Herrin! I want to give a BIG SHOUT out to all of our DSP (direct support Personnel) They are working with Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in our CILAs. (community individualized living arrangements)”

Steve Simmons says, “My wife works at a grocery store. My son also works at one. My youngest daughter also does online shopping at a store.I deliver food to grocery stores.
We are tired, over worked and stressed out.”

All the unemployment office workers. (submitted by Caryn Novak)

My sister Pam Arrington she is a RN at the VA Hospital. She loves what she does and does it with passion.  Love, your family

Hospice of southern Illinois. And all of DuQuoin Walmart employees (submmited by Bethany Allsup)

Anita Womack says,  “My sister Linda Karns who is on the front line at Heartland Regional in Marion as an ER nurse.”

SIH (Herrin Hospital staff) (submitted by Lora Seddon)

“Khrysty Tolbert, Angela Carten, Kim Larsen, Cheryl Welch, Melanie Stephenson, Tammy Woolard, Linda Newbolds- thank you all for everything you do” -Destiny Simpson

Liz Linton says, “Jessica Spencer, Patricia Jackson, John Linton, JeffnJess Szeszol, all my coworkers.

Angela Kay Foster, Kayla Liebenrood, and her husband Alex (submitted by Debbie Fraze)

Everyone at Greenville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, StoneBridge Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Pinckneyville Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Oakview Nursing * Rehabilitation, Carrier Mills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, DuQuoin Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Saline Care Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Eldorado Rehab and Healthcare, Acorn Estates Supportive Living Facility, and Fairview Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. (submitted by Jason Powell)

Miranda Smith, Miranda Judd, Melissa Crane, Audriana Ostos (submitted by Heidi Isspeih)

Doug Brown and Kaitlin Allen (submitted by Shelby Phoenix)

Shout out to all the power plant workers! -Michelle Cornman

The hotel staff at Hampton inn and all other hotels! -Lauren Price

All staff at Carbondale Hospital and all staff at all State and federal prisons! -Kelly Baker

Shouting out to all the bank workers keeping our money on hand for all of us -Tiffany Rush

Shannon Plonka says, “Shouting a giant THANK YOU to all Medical personnel and Essential Workers! Personal thanks to: My husband Mike Plonka who is an Armed Guard at a very essential location, my son Shawn O’Neal is an essential retail employee, my cousin Elizabeth Smith is an essential Home Health Caregiver. All essential workers are putting themselves and their families at risk to continue to serve us, they all should be thanked every day!”

I would like to say thank you to all the Dr. Nurses and EMT Store personnel and the other Essential workers. But I have never heard one thing about the transit companies ( RIDES MASS TRANSIT) and all the rest of them. They are out there taking everyone to the stores, Dr. Appointments and work and where ever they need to go. So I think they need a little recognition also. Greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! -Gina

“Shout out to the essential workers for Cape Air!” -anonymous

Walgreens Distribution Center who are working everyday despite a confirmed case of the virus. -anonymous

“Shout out to Stonebridge of Benton for taking all precautions to keep all staff & residents safe.” -Debbie

Stacy Hamline gives Sara Wilce an essential worker shoutout!

Shout out to Gabrielle Reed who works at Murphysboro Walmart (from her mom)

Thank you to Ty and Austin Miller at Herrin Hospital! -Anonymous

Shoutout to all FedEx and UPS drivers! (from a fellow delivery driver!)

Thank you Union County Hospital employees!