Beat the Boredom with Withers Broadcasting

We know that with schools, restaurants, some businesses closed, and sporting events and public gatherings cancelled for the next few weeks, there’s a lot of people stuck at home looking for something to do.  So, here are some suggestions from Withers Broadcasting about things to do while you’re stuck at home maintaining your social distance. Whether it’s helping to educate and entertain the kids, keep yourself sane, or find ways to utilize your time at home by getting housework and improvements done, we have a bit of everything on this list.


Art Classes Online: Cassie Stephens is a Tennessee art teacher who does a live-stream every day to give kids some fun arts and crafts exposure. Follow along on her Facebook or Instagram at 11 AM CST.

Get ideas for recycled arts and crafts from Recycle and Play.

Brooklyn Public Library is offering a virtual story-time between 1:00 and 1:30 PM CST. Check it out on their Facebook page.

Boston Children’s Museum offers a virtual walk-through tour at this link.

California Science Center has “Stuck at Home Science” experiments that you can do with the kids. Find them here.

The Cincinnati Zoo has a daily Facebook live with animals and their zoo trainers. Find it here at 2 PM CST.

Get the kids moving with GoNoodle! There are tons of fun videos to keep them entertained and get them moving here.

Tour the Great Wall of China here.

Laurie Berkner Band Live- If you’re not familiar with Laurie Berkner Band’s music, you probably don’t have a toddler… but this group has lots of kid-centric songs that adults enjoy, too. Laurie Berkner goes lives for about a half hour every morning on her facebook page at 9:00 AM CST.

Live Animals Cams: Check out live animals at various different zoos and aquariums like the San Diego Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, Houston Zoo, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Georgia Aquarium.

The Louvre Museum in Paris is perfect for art lovers and artists-in-training to tour virtually here.

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems is another art live-stream where Mo will sit down at Noon CST to draw a doodle with you and your kids. Watch live or watch old videos here.

Field trip to MARS!  Explore the surface of Mars digitally with the Curiosity rover here.

San Diego Zoo 
has a website just for kids with games, activities and videos. They even have live cams of several exhibits, like the penguins and the elephants.

The St. Louis Aquarium has a variety of virtual visits, available through their Facebook page. Usually they go live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 10 and 11 AM.

US Space and Rocket Museum in Huntsville, AL. Take a video tour and see the Saturn 5 Rocket here.

Take a Virtual Farm Tour (or 11!) with Farmfood 360.

Yellowstone National Park
has virtual field trips with information about various sites like hot springs, geysers, and a mud volcano.

Try Cosmic Kids Yoga to help the kids (and you) find some peace and relaxation during this stressful time.
They’ve got tons of videos on their YouTube page.

Keeping a journal is a great way to keep kids writing and for the kiddos to work through the things they may be feeling with all of the changes going on around them.

And make sure to check with your kids school for special curriculum or online links that may be available
to keep them connected and learning, as well!



Governor Pritzker has started an Arts for Illinois initiative as a place for all the artists, musicians, and performers of Illinois to share their art with fellow citizens and as a way to raise money for them while they are unable to perform in public.

See an Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical this weekend… from the comfort of your own home! Every Friday, a full musical will be available on youtube for 48 hours.

For starters, you may need to take a BREATHER, get yourself into a good head space, or just relax a little.
This site has several different apps that you can download for breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, and more.

Work on your budget!  An app that one of our employees recommends here at Withers is EveryDollar.  This helps you plan your budgets for the month! The app is free, or you can pay to have the premium services added.

Cleaning Chores. Here’s a link with 12 tips to do every year when you change the clocks. If you didn’t get around to these back in March, maybe you can run through the list now!

Clean out your vehicles. How often do we get the time to give our cars their own detailing? Check out these tips to make your vehicle looking new!

Clean your phone! We’re talking inside and out. How long has your phone been telling you it’s running out of memory? Maybe you need to move some things to the cloud.
Or maybe you just need to go through and delete the 20 pics of your dog you took yesterday… Actually, don’t do that. Go here for tips on how to clean everything regarding your phone.

Cooking! You may have stocked up, you may not have.  Either way, go to this cool site and all you have to do is type in ingredients you need to use up, and it’s going to give you recipes!
You can even specify that you need to cook for paleo/vegetarians etc!

Go to the movies with friends (from home!) Netflix Party allows you to link up with thousands of other people, or just your own group and watch movies together! Check it out here!

Throw out all of your old make-up and products! Chances are, you have some things you haven’t used in a long time, or things that are expired!

Try your hand at a learning a new skill! Start learning a new language with Duolingo, or take that leap and learn to play the cello like you’ve always wanted with live instruction from top teachers at Lessonface!

Work out! There are lots of online workouts and classes from a variety of sources, but Gold’s Gym is offering their Digital option, Gold’s Amp, online for FREE until May 31st! Just use the code ‘FIT60’ at this link.


Break out the board games! You might have a closet full of some board games that maybe you’ve never played.  Take the time to CLEAN your board games.
Just think- how many grimy hands have been all over those game pieces?  After a cleaning, play the game again, maybe you want to keep the game, maybe it’s time to donate it. 

Get a Daily Dose of Art through the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts in Mt. Vernon. Check their facebook here to see what they’re looking at today!

Sort through your electronics.  You may have some old gaming systems that haven’t been out in awhile. Dust them off and play! And, if you decide that you don’t want to keep, set it aside to donate it later.

Foster a puppy! Wright Way Animal Rescue in Murphysboro always needs foster families.  Right now they could really use your help!
Their Facebook page has information and links to how YOU can apply!

Lionsgate is streaming movies every Friday night starting April 17th lasting through May 8th. Here is the following line up: April 17th: The Hunger Games, April 24th: Dirty Dancing, May 1st: La La Land, and finally, May 8th: John Wick.

Have a movie marathon.  Each family member picks their favorite movie!

Try out HBO GO… for free! During the coronavirus, HBO has several movies and tons of TV shows available FOR FREE with NO SUBSCRIPTION! Check out the “Stream for Free” list at, and see what else they have available if you do decide to go for a subscription!

Puzzles! If you have some puzzles in storage, get them out! You could even have teams and see who can do the same puzzle faster.

Take a Virtual Vacation! Check out TheCoasterViews on YouTube for video ride-throughs of roller coasters from Disney, Universal, Six Flags, and more!

Watch Bob Ross paint! All 403 episodes are available for you here!

Yard projects.  When the weather is cooperating, get the family involved! Rake leaves, pick up sticks, pick up trash, or maybe start a family garden!  Don’t want to go shopping for the supplies yet? Work on laying the foundation and planning out what you want in your garden!