Keanu Reeves’ Movies Rated

Keanu Reeves is very popular.  YouGov says that he is “9th most popular contemporary actor” with 94% of people having heard of him, and most with a positive opinion of the actor.

And someone took the time to watch all of his movies and rate them. We’ll give you the best five and the worst five.

BEST FIVE (obviously, right?)

1.  “The Matrix”,  1999


2.  “My Own Private Idaho”,  1991


3.  “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”,  1989


4.  “John Wick”,  2014


5.  “Speed”,  1994




“Generation Um . . .”,  2012


“Exposed”,  2016


“The Watcher”,  2000


“Replicas”,  2018


“Little Buddha”,  1993

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