Madigan Successor Steps Down Three Days After Appointment

Madigan Successor Steps Down Three Days After Appointment

CHICAGO – Rep. Edward Guerra Kodatt – a handpicked successor of former Rep. Mike Madigan – resigned Wednesday morning, just three days after his appointment.

The longest-serving lawmaker in Illinois history, Madigan suggested his successor should resign late Tuesday night “after learning of alleged questionable conduct.” Madigan did not elaborate.

The Capitol Bureau will also investigate to learn more about the “questionable conduct.”

The 26-year-old received 63% of the weighted vote in order to win former Rep. Mike Madigan’s seat on Sunday. A spokesperson for House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch announced the House clerk received Kodatt’s resignation Wednesday.

The Democratic Party of Illinois later announced Wednesday that the second hearing to select a representative for the district will take place Thursday morning.

Madigan stated committee members will select a candidate who initially presented Sunday, adding he believes the most equitable way to proceed is to nominate the candidate who received the second-highest vote count and it’s his intention to nominate Angelica Guerrero Cuellar. The former House Speaker put his 56% of the weighted vote toward Kodatt Sunday morning.

Madigan previously represented the 22nd district for 50 years.