Weezer Celebrates Weezer Day

Weezer Celebrates Weezer Day

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Actually it was 29 years ago on February 15th in west L.A. when Weezer had their first ever band practice.

But February 14th is known as “Weezer Day”.

Here’s what the band posted on Facebook- “Happy Weezer Day! In 1992… 29(!?!) years ago, weezer first rehearsed at TK Productions in west L.A., on February 15th, and thus the band was born – though it didn’t yet have a name! (that would come a few weeks later, a few hours before they played their first show). Over the years, somehow February 14th became “Weezer Day” despite it being a day premature of the true anniversary date. But whats a day, especially when you’re talking about 29 years of weezer? Here’s to all the band members past and present, and all the fans, and to everyone who has worked with the band, as we embark upon yet another year of friendship and great music – and hopefully some more live performances asap! #karlscorner

No matter what day it was on, happy 29 years of Weezer!