Movie Mistakes

We all make mistakes, right? Have you noticed a mistake left in your favorite movie?  Here’s a list of some of the TOP MOVIE MISTAKES.  

We’ll cover some of our favorites, but you can check out the list for yourself here.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”  (2019):  Leonardo DiCaprio’s character takes a ride on a 747.  But the movie is set in 1969, a year before those planes went into service.  In ’69, he would have been on a 707.

“Pulp Fiction”  (1994):  When John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson get into a shootout with some kids in an apartment, there are bullet holes in the wall before a shot is fired.

“Star Wars”  (1977):  As a group of stormtroopers enter a room, one of them bangs his head on the top of the doorway.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”  (2003):  A crew member in a cowboy hat can be seen behind Johnny Depp on the ship.