Potential Ameren Scam Determined Unfounded by Carbondale Police

Potential Ameren Scam Determined Unfounded by Carbondale Police

CARBONDALE – Information received about suspicious activity involving an unidentified man claiming to be an Ameren Illinois employee by Carbondale Police Monday has been determined to be unfounded.

According to a release, a man claiming to be an Ameren employee contacted residents at their homes saying he needed access to the bathroom in relation to work in the area. When asked for verification, he only displayed an Ameren pamphlet, which he took with him.

Police have since learned the man was a legitimate subcontractor for an authorized Ameren work order and no crimes have happened. Regardless, Carbondale Police encouraged residents to verify the identity and the purpose of all who ask to enter the home, prior to letting them in.

With exception to immediate emergencies, Ameren employees will provide notification of impending work in a neighborhood. Ameren customers can also sign up to receive alerts and notifications to verify work in their area by clicking here.

Additionally, the validity of Ameren Illinois employees can be verified by calling 1-800-755-5000 to speak to a customer care representative. Otherwise, call the Carbondale Police Department’s non-emergency number at 457-3200 and request an officer to investigate.