Joppa Power Plant to Close by 2025, Emissions Efforts Cited

Joppa Power Plant to Close by 2025, Emissions Efforts Cited

DALLAS, TX – Vistra Energy Group said Wednesday morning the Joppa Power Plant in Massac County is set for closure by 2025.

In a press release, the company announced they will be closing their Illinois and Ohio based coal fired power plants by the end of the decade. They claimed the closures are an effort to “significantly reduce their carbon footprint” in efforts to achieve a net-zero of carbon emissions by 2050, as well as being prompted by upcoming Environmental Protection Agency filing deadlines, which require either significant capital expenditures for compliance or retirement declarations.

Vistra’s Chief Operations Officer Jim Burke said in the release, “the advance notice of these retirements provides us with ample time to work with our impacted employees and communities to ease the impact of the closures, including seeking the passage of the Illinois Coal to Solar and Energy Storage Act. We’ve proven ourselves in previous similar situations to live up to our core principles, taking care of our employees and communities. That will not change.”

The announcement comes a week after the Southern Illinois Power Co-op announced they would close the largest Coal Fired generator at the Lake of Egypt Power Plant Friday.