A Day In The Car With AJR

A Day In The Car With AJR

A few days ago, AJR posted on facebook,
“Guys we miss touring so ******* much it’s getting ridiculous. The heart of AJR is our live experience. But… we’re figuring out how to adapt and do something no ones ever done before. Stay tuned.”

So here’s something they are doing to adapt.

AJR announced that they will be performing LIVE for a drive-in concert, entitled “A Day In The Car With AJR.”
(can this also become a children’s book please?

Tickets go on sale Friday 7/24.

But don’t get too excited because it will be in Philadephia, PA.

If you do decide to go allll the way there, you only need one ticket per car with a maximum of four people in the car!