All Restore Illinois Regions Meeting Many Key Metrics to Begin Reopening

All Restore Illinois Regions Meeting Many Key Metrics to Begin Reopening

SPRINGFIELD (AP) – Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s office said Tuesday all four of the state’s regions are meeting many of the key metrics, with three of the four on pace to meet all of the Restore Illinois reopening metrics to move forward after the 28-day period.

Restore Illinois requires a region to experience a downward trend in test positivity rates for 14 days, a downward trend in hospitalizations for COVID-like illness for 28 days, and a specific hospital surge capacity. If a region is able to meet those metrics outlined by public health experts, they can move to the next phase.

As of midnight, May 8, the Northeast region’s positivity rate was at 22.3 percent, higher than the 20 percent cap on this metric to move into the next phase. The North-Central region is at 9.1 percent, the Central region at 6.0 percent, and the Southern region at 10.5 percent.

All of the regions have seen a dip in hospitalizations since May 1st: 18.6 percent decrease in the Northeast region, 35.8 percent decrease in the North-Central region, 44.4 percent decrease in the Central Region, and 54.3 percent decrease in the Southern region.

A requirement to move forward to the next phase is that a region sees no overall increase, rather stability or a decrease in hospital admissions for COVID-like illness across a 28-day period.

As of midnight May 8, all four regions met the third requirement of available surge capacity of at least 14 percent for ICU beds, medical/surgical beds, and ventilators.