Illinois Coronavirus by the Numbers: Monday, May 4 Update

Illinois Coronavirus by the Numbers: Monday, May 4 Update

CHICAGO – After a weekend of record testing numbers for Illinois, Gov. J.B. Pritzkers and state health officials announced Monday 2,341 new cases of COVID-19 and an additional 43 deaths, leading to new state totals of 63,840 and 2,662 respectively.

Pritzker issued a reminder for residents to stay home, following weekend reports of people gathering in ground across the state in lieu of the state-at-home order.

“And to the extent people are not following them and gathering in groups,” Pritzker said. “They’re going to spread the virus and they’re going to cause us to go back into a, you know, a previous executive order or a more stringent lockdown than what we’ve had, if, in fact, there’s a spike of cases as a result of people not following the rules.”

Here are the latest coronavirus cases reported in southern Illinois Monday:

Williamson County (37 total)

  • Two men in their forties
  • One male in his fifties
  • One woman in her forties

According to the Franklin-Williamson Bi-County Health Department, “most Williamson County residents who have tested positive within the last week are tied to an outbreak at a workplace outside of Williamson County.” Of the 37 total cases, 13 have recovered.

Union County (31 total)

  • One female in her thirties
  • One female in her forties
  • One female in her fifties
  • Two females in their nineties
  • One male in his teens
  • One male in his twenties
  • One male in his thirties
  • Two males in their forties
  • One male in his fifties
  • One male in his eighties

The Southern Seven Health Department (S7HD) reported in it’s first regional death due to COVID-19 in a release.

“We at Southern Seven realize what a difficult time this is for the family of the deceased and join them in the mourning of his passing,”¬†Shawnna Rhine, Community Outreach Coordinator for S7HD said. “Our hearts go out to all those suffering from this disease.”

Seven cases in the county have recovered.

Massac County (5 total)

  • One male in his teens

Three of the five confirmed cases have recovered.

Franklin County (10 total)

  • One female teen

Five cases of the 10 total in Franklin County have recovered.