Crossroads Nurse Says to Prepare, But Not Panic Over Coronavirus

MT. VERNON – About 100 people across the country have been confirmed to have contracted the novel Coronavirus in the U.S. as of Thursday, according to the C.D.C. Cases have been reported in 13 states, and 10 have died. But that is just a fraction of the numbers of confirmed cases across the globe – over 100,000 individuals now – according to a Friday C.D.C. update.

Infection Control Nurse at Crossroads Community Hospital, Mike Bierman, said while there is still a lot to learn about the new virus, right now it’s currently known to be very similar to the flu.


As of Thursday, Bierman said no one in the Mt. Vernon area has been confirmed to have the Coronavirus, but with the mobility of society, that doesn’t mean the area is clear of possibility. He added the key is to be prepared, and not be panicked.