The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Rails on Grammys in Joe Rogan Podcast

The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Rails on Grammys in Joe Rogan Podcast

The Black Keys were one of the latest guests on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, discussing their views of music industry, from their pull-out of the Woodstock anniversary festival, to streaming services, the Grammys and more.

Drummer Patrick Carney was in-character and fiery when expressing thoughts about the Grammys, calling their experience with the event “atrocious.”

The band was invited to perform during the 55th annual ceremony in 2013, when “Lonely Boy” was nominated for Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song and Record of the Year. Carney said the decision to play was conflicting at the time.

“Playing music on stage with all this pop stuff that has nothing to do with what we’re about,” Carney said. “But we couldn’t say no; we couldn’t knock it till we tried it. But we had sat through the Grammy performance before and it was atrocious. I mean, it really is like so alienating.”

“None of my favorite bands have f****** Grammys. The Clash don’t have a f****** Grammy. […]What is a f****** Grammy? Like, what is this s***?” Carney said of winning a Grammy. “We’re just j****** ourselves off and congratulating ourselves. Does anybody watch this s*** that really cares about us? I don’t think so.”

While discussing the nomination, Carney expressed gratitude for the band not receiving Record of the Year honors.

“If we would have won that Grammy, it could have f***** our whole band up. I’ve seen it happen with lots of bands. You become playschool level. We wouldn’t have changed, but the thing is, you start acquiring a fan base that’s more fickle and maybe more annoying.”

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