Sparky Reviews: The Black Keys @ Enterprise Center in St. Louis

Sparky Reviews: The Black Keys @ Enterprise Center in St. Louis

If there was any inclination The Black Keys would lose a step after taking time off, the pounding guitar and driving drums of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney during last night’s show at the Enterprise Center should lay it to rest.

The fourth stop of the “Let’s Rock” tour in St. Louis was stellar, as The Black Keys put forth a best-of compilation performance alongside an encore of their latest hits.

Being my first time seeing The Black Keys live, I had high expectations entering the show. These guys have been around for 18 years, they’ve created a multitude of hits, and played hundreds (if not thousands) of shows. I was not disappointed in the slightest.

My fiance and I arrived during the tail-end of *repeat repeat’s opening performance, but from hearing “Hi, I’m Waiting” as one of their last songs, I could tell the energy levels were elevated and what you’d hope for in an opening act.

Modest Mouse took over the stage about 30 minutes later, keeping the energy in the arena. Like The Black Keys, they performed a multitude of hits from their career, from way back with “Custom Concern” to more recent tracks like “Lampshades on Fire.” While the vocals weren’t as audible as one would hope in that setting, the unique sounds of their music shone through, whether via the violin(s) or synthesizer.

Then The Black Keys strutted on to the stage, entering with a thunderous chord into “I Got Mine.” It was then the building shook and goosebumps turning into rousing cheers. The song led into a two-hour set that spanned their career from Thickfreakness to Let’s┬áRock. It was refreshing to see the joy and energy shown by a band that not only performed well, but sounded great.

Not one, not two, but three tracks were performed for an encore, best emphasizing what the band came there to do all night – rock. These are guys that stepped away from the spotlight for a moment, kept their passion, and are now showing the world once again that rock is still alive and well.

My rating: 9.5/10