Hayley Williams “Doesn’t Know What’s Next” for Paramore

Hayley Williams “Doesn’t Know What’s Next” for Paramore

Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams stopped by Entertainment Tonight in the midst of a social media hiatus to promote her vegan-based goodDYEyoung hair dye, plus discuss her social media hiatus and the status of Paramore.

Williams called herself “an awful,, awful human” for suddenly leaving Instagram after posting six photos back-to-back in June, then noting benefits to her disappearance.

“Number one, I fully believe in social media hiatuses,” she said. “I think it’s so good for your mental health and I personally really, really need it.”

Regarding the future of Paramore, whose last album After Laughter released in 2017, Williams stated she “really don’t know what’s next for Paramore,” adding that music is her primary passion regardless of the band’s state.

“I have always been a musician first” she said. “My first creative outlet was music and even though people are going to see me in this kind of [hair dye] space a lot more, I don’t want people to forget.”

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