Macca Still Imagines What John Lennon Would Think About New Music

Sir Paul McCartney just released his 18th solo album, Egypt Station to the world, and even though his famous song-writing synchronicity with John Lennon can no longer be replicated, McCartney won’t release something he doesn’t think Lennon would’ve approved. McCartney recently spoke to about the new album, and when asked if he still judges his music by Beatles standards, had this to say: “You know, you do sometimes, particularly if you’re wondering about a line and you think, is this any good or is it crap, I sometimes will just think, oh right, okay, Beatles session, writing session with John, and I say, ‘What do you think of that?’ And he’ll either say ‘It’s great, keep it,’ or ‘No, it’s no good, re-write it.’” Read more here.